We took a short trip to the west coast last year and have finally decided to share some photos of our adventures there :). We travelled between Vancouver and Banff, getting to eat some delicious food (and of course, getting to see some pretty awesome views). Wishing we had some mountains in Toronto right now... Check out our adventure below!

We had the opportunity of going up to a glacier to take in the view from above. And while the water was deliciously fresh up there... it was extremely cold, windy, and wet! It was hard walking around up there for more than 15 minutes, let alone take photos!

After that, we spent a couple days around Banff. Clear blue-green waters, snow-capped mountains, tons of hiking trails... if only we had more time to explore this beauty! Our favourite photo site, though, was definitely Jasper Lake - you know, the one with a huge pile of rocks to climb :). We got a little silly with them...

Some more places we visited...

Oh, if you're ever in Vancouver, try out the Grouse Grind! It's like a natural stairmaster up Grouse Mountain! And while we were passed by many seniors... we made it in the end! We got to see the beautiful view from the top! The key is to never give up... the first quarter was the hardest and steepest! After that, it got easier - although I must say that my feet definitely said this:

Last but not least, here's what we call the Lion Turtle (in reference to Avatar). This place makes beautiful silhouettes! It's also a prime location to get some close up shots of bored seals :).


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