Frozen Falls Adventure

Personally, we always love turning our dates into adventures - alright, we'll admit... half of these are food adventures but the others are adventures into nature! It's always fun finding cool photoshoot locations while admiring creation's beauty, and this time, we decided to take a hike to the falls... in winter! If you've never seen frozen waterfalls before, you should definitely plan a time to do so! We went on a perfect day - no wind, not too cold, not too warm. Perfect. So we also ended up going to distillery. Check out our adventure below!

It's always hard to compose an awesome picture of us two with a 10-second timer on the camera (especially when that 10 seconds involves climbing over ice and rocks)... but hey, still makes for a fun time! Although if there are couples who'd wanna second date / adventure with us, please let us know if you have an awesome place in mind! We'd love to tag along :).


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